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Enjoy the experience to live a town with a professional photographer with you,

feeling like a real model! Together we will plan the perfect itinerary, based of your holiday!
Let’s discover together secrets and unknown places, keeping the perfect photo as an unforgettable memory! We wil put at disposal our professionalism in photography
and the knowledge of the breathtaking Tuscan land.

You can choose to realize your unforgettable shooting day not only in Florence,

famous for being the heart of Renaissance, but also consider the option

of Pisa with its tower, Lucca whit its famous walls, Siena with its historical districts,

Vallombrosa forest, the flowery countryside of Valdorcia, be touched again from

your emotions trough the perfect photo on the Tuscan sandy beaches, or relive

the taste of an excellent wine trough your picture in to a typical winery immersed

into the Chianti countryside. Mix more than one city, it could be a great idea!
You will keep a full memory of your trip!

The day after the shooting we’ll be ready to provide your photos, as for your decision

in terms of format and quantity.
Think to emotions and the sensations that a photo is able to give away, after years

you will feel the same magical moments.


        A funny day together


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