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Silvia Coppini

This is me.

My name is Silvia and I am a dreamer, often with my eyes open.

I love reading and being carried away by words.

I love traveling to immerse myself in new people and cultures.I love cooking to exsperiment with new recipes,

even if I am not always a success!

On the other hand, from my failures I have always received the best lessons, I love photographing more than anything else, it excites me and I don't know other way to express myself.

Simona Mannelli

I was born and live in Prato. Here in Tuscany and especially in my city, a city full of contradictions and motivations, tradition and beauty can be translated into pragmatism and imagination.I inherited both of them.Over the last twenty years I take pictures.Every successful shot has always something amazing, magical behind it.

It is worth more than the summation of instinct, technique, ability observation and emotion, which are also essential in every single photo.Through the lens I see more clearly the things of the world.Not only the details but the whole picture.

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Simona: +39 333 6485152 Silvia +39 347 5311766


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